Sunday, January 17, 2016

So Here's The Thing...

So here's the thing... plans kinda fell apart. Combination of reasons on this one, actually.

First, I lost my job. Technically I quit, but it's only technically because I quit before they could fire me. Trumped up charges, yada yada, they can't function without me, blahdiblah, none of that really matters. The important thing is, I've had a helluva lot more things to do than write my blog, unfortunately. Thankfully, I found another job after about a week, so for the last month or so I've been getting in the swing of things in my new job as a pawnbroker (yay for my DVD collection, not so yay for my wallet). Pay's not anywhere near the same, hours are longer, but huzzah for overtime I suppose. Anywho, that's certainly put a damper on my blogging timeframe.

Secondly, my plan to take time to reflect before writing about all of the movies I've watched backfired, as I apparently don't have nearly as good of a memory as I thought I did. I struggled writing even my last couple of reviews, so that plan went right out the window when dealing with another 50-some-odd movies I had watched throughout the month.

Thirdly, I, uh... I fucked up. My list of movies that I was planning on reviewing was on my phone, and my son broke his (which was perfect timing with the loss of my job), resulting in me giving him my phone and taking an old busted-ass iPhone we had laying around. Also unfortunately, I reset it without remembering to make a copy of my list of movies. Apparently Apple's iCloud service is really more of a suggestion than a guarantee, and it was lost, never to be found again.

So yeah... between finding a new job, and completely losing my movie list and all its accompanying notes, I've kinda been at a loss for where I go from here.

Never fear, faithful reader(s). I have returned! I've seen enough movies and thought enough about them over the years that it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to pick up relatively unscathed. In other good news, now that the holiday season has winded to a screeching 80-degree-weather halt, I've finally been able to complete my interview process with Miss Jacqueline Lovell, so I'll have that coming relatively soon as well!

All in all, crazy last couple of months, as I'm sure they were for those of you reading as well. December and January tend to do that to people. I'm excited to get back into the blogosphere, and I'm excited for you all to take that ride with me.

Next up, my tribute to Star Wars and a review of Rob Zombie's loving rendition of Halloween!

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